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Books About Crystal Gazing
and Psychic Scrying
Published Prior to 1950

compiled by catherine yronwode

copyright 2010
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Alexander, C. [Claude Alexander Conlin]. Alexander's Book of Mystery: Interpretations of Dreams, Astrological Readings, Physiognamy Character Delineations and an Explanation of Crystal Gazing, Etc.
C. Alexander, Los Angeles, California, 1919. 38 pages. (36 pages plus 1 page of ads for crystals, and 1 blank page)

The final two text pages of this booklet ("Dear Friend") culminate in an advertisement for crystal balls. A copy of Conlin's booklet Crystal Gazing: Lessons and Instructions in Silent Influence with the Crystal is offered as a free bonus with any purchase of a crystal ball.

Alexander, C. [Claude Alexander Conlin]. Crystal Gazing: Lessons and Instructions in Silent Influence with the Crystal.
C. Alexander, Los Angeles, California, 1919. 32 pages. (27 pages plus 5 pages of ads for crystals and for the books of W. W. Atkinson written under various Hindu-sounding pseudonyms; note that this is an entirely different book, despite an identical title, to the following book)

In Alexander's Book of Mystery (see above), this booklet is offered free with the purchase of any size crystal ball.

Alexander, C. [Claude Alexander Conlin]. Crystal Gazing: Lessons and Instructions in Silent Influence with the Crystal. [Revised edition]
C. Alexander, Los Angeles, California,
Undated, circa 1924. 38 pages. (Note that despite an identical title, this revised edition has entirely different contents than the previous edition of the same name.)

This booklet carries a special dedicatory page: "Written especially for and dedicated to members of The Crystal Silence League." (See below.) The inside back cover, which was imprinted with a list of books for sale, was pasted over with a light blue sheet declaring "I have now completed my full course of lessons entitled The Inner Secrets of Psychology. The sale of ALL OTHER books I have heretofore listed has been discontinued." This notice would seem to indicate that this undated booklet was Conlin's final volume on Crystal Gazing. Because the first booklet of this name was published in 1919, the Crystal SIlence League dates to 1920, and Inner Secrets of Psychology was published in 1924, it is likely that this second version of "Crystal Gazing: Lessons and Instructions" was published between 1921 and 1923.

Alexander, C. [Claude Alexander Conlin]. Personal Lessons, Codes, and Instructions for Members of the Crystal Silence League: A Concise and Comprehensive Treatise Embracing Proper Care of the Body and Development of the Inner or Mental Powers.
C. Alexander Publishing Co., Los Angeles, c. 1920, 32 pages

The purpose of this booklet was not to teach the divinatory art of crystal scrying to beginners, but rather to instruct those who had purchased crystal gazing balls from Alexander in how to use them receptively to benefit from the "daily Mental Treatments" he projected to them via his own crystal ball.

C. Alexander [Claude Alexander Conlin] The Inner Secrets of Psycholgy Vol. 1: Creative Thought-Power.
C. Alexander Publishing Co., Los Angeles, 1924.

This is the first book in a multi-volume set; it is the only book in the set with a chapter on crystal gazing. The intent here, unlike in the author's other books, is to teach thought projection by means of a crystal ball. This is the kind of projected visualization which he taught his students to receive via their own crystal balls when he sent messages and healings to them.

Anonymous. Course in Crystal Gazing and Clairvoyance: A Practical Set of Instructions on Crystal Gazing Complete in This Issue, New Edition.
N.P., N.D., 15 pages mimeophraphed and top-stapled with a red paper illustrated cover; c. 1920s?)

Atkinson, WIlliam Walker. Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing: A Course of Lessons on the Psychic Phenomena of Distant Sensing, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, Etc.
96 pages [93 pges of text + 3 pages of ads]. 1908; reprint by Yoga Publication Society, Desplaines, Ill., N.D. post-zip code

Atkinson, William Walker (as "Swami Panchadasi"). A Course of Advanced Lessons in Clairvoyance and Occult Powers.
Advanced Thought Publishing, Chicago Ill., 1916. Hardcover, Green cover with gold lettering, 319 pages; Hardcover, Brown cover with black lettering, 319 pages.

Besterman, Theodore. Crystal-Gazing: A Study In The History, Distribution, Theory And Practice Of Scrying.
William Rider & Son Ltd. 1924.
Reprint, New Hyde Park, N.Y.: University Books, 1965, 196 pages (184 pages plus 12 pages of University Press book catalogue.)
Reprint, Collector's Library of the Unknown, Time Life Education, 1993, 184 pages

Theodore Deodatus Nathaniel Besterman (1904–1976) was a psychical researcher, bibliographer, biographer, and translator. Born in Lódź, Poland, he moved to England while still young. In 1924 he wrote his first book on psychical phenomena, "Crystal Gazing: A study in the History, Distribution and Practice of Scrying" which was followed by "The Divining Rod: An Experimental and Psychological Investigation" (1926) From 1927 to 1935 he was the investigating officer for the Society for Psychical Research. "Water Divining: New Facts & Theories" (1938) was his last book on psychism. He served in the British Royal Artillery during World War Two and subsequently worked for UNESCO. During the 1950s he lived in Switzerland and thenceforward devoted himself to translation, biography, and bibliographical writing about Voltaire. He returned to England in the late 1960s and died there in 1976.

de Laurence, L. W. Crystal Gazing: Spiritual Clairvoyance Behind the veil, the Trance Sleep: Embracing The Beryl Crystal, Ancient Methods, Clear Sight Or The Magnetic Sleep, Spiritual Clairvoyance, Astral Appearances In The Crystal, Clairvoyance Or General Vision, Hygienic Clairvoyance And An Explanation Of Terms Used With Glossary In The Back
The De Laurence Company Inc, Chicago, 1913, Hardcover, Blue cloth, gilt lettering;

(This is a pirated copy of Crystal-Gazing and the Wonders of Clairvoyance by John Melville and Hygienic Clairvoyance by Jacob Dixon, to which L. W. de Laurence illegally affixed his own name as author; he did this to the works of many early 20th century occult writers from England, as England and the United States did not have mutually supportive copyright laws at the time. A modern reprint of the deLaurence eduition lists 108 pages, close to the 98 pages of Melville-Dixon.)

Goldston, Will. Crystal Gazing.
London, 1905.

Will Goldston (1878-1948).

Jones, Charles Stansfeld (as "Frater Achad"). Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing or, the Crystal as a Stepping-Stone to Clear Vision, A Practical Treatise on the Real Value of Crystal-Gazing.
Yogi Publication Society, Chicago, Ill., 1923, xii + 116 pages) Illustrated with 5 plates, and 2 pages of planetary hours, hardcover; this book has been reprinted a number of times, including by the Yogi Publication Society. Earlier editions are bound in blue-green cloth with gold stamping; recent editions are red cloth with gold foil stamping.

[Life Savers], Life Savers Book-O-Secrets for 'Holesome Entertainmint.
Life Savers, Incorporated, Port Chester, N.Y., 1931
32 pages plus colour wraps; only one chapter on Crystal Gazing, but what a cool booklet; published by a candy manufacturer.

Marcelliee, R. S. Hindu Crystal Gazing, Clairvoyance, and Development of Mind Powers: Complete Course Translated in English: The Real Hindu True System of Clairvoyance and Telepathy.
New York City, Dr. R. S. Marcelliee, PhD., 1930.
12 pages, top-stapled wraps, cover illustrated with a photo of "Dr. Marcelliee, Author, Teacher, Psychic, and Astrologer."

The cover also carries and ad for "Imported Crystal Balls. Prices on Application."

Melville, John. Crystal-Gazing and the Wonders of Clairvoyance Embracing Practical Instructions in the Art, History, and Philosophy of This Ancient Science, Illustrated with Diagrams, New and Revised Edition, to Which is Appended an Abridgment of Jacob Dixon's "Hygienic Clairvoyance" with Various Extracts and Original Notes.
London: Nichols, 1897.
98 pages (48 pages, including 4 plates and a 2-page table of Angels by Melville;
plus 50 pages by Jacob Dixon). Reprinted by W. Foulsham & Co., Ltd. Fleet Street, London, c. 1910. Pirated as Crystal Gazing and Spiritual Clairvoyance, with attribution to L. W. de Laurence, 1913 Reprinted as Crystal Gazing and Clairvoyance. Wellingborough, England: Aquarium Press, 1979.

Crystal Gazing and the Wonders of Clairvoyance

Hygienic Clairvoyance [by Jacob Dixon, abridged by Melville]

See also de Laurence, L. W.

Melville, John. Crystal Gazing: Concentration and Auto-Suggestion, Elementary And Advanced Instruction For Crystal Vision, Advanced Mediumship, Mesmerism, and An Exhaustive Treatise On Concentration and Autosuggestion.
Regan Publishing Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, 1923, 160 pages
(74 pages, including 5 plates and a 2-page table of Angels by Melville;
plus 70 pages by Jacob Dixon,
plus 16 pages of book catalgue for Regan Publishing Corporation).
This is a thoroughly revised edition of the above title, with 1 new illustration and 1 redrawn illustration, and considerably different text; the Bibliography and Index of the former edition are omitted.

These chapters are mostly revised from
Crystal Gazing and the Wonders of Clairvoyance by Melville

These chapters are mostly revised from Hygienic Clairvoyance by Jacob Dixon, abridged by Melville, and UNCREDITED here

Nelson, Robert A[lan], (as "Dr. [Korda] Ra Mayne") Six lessons in Crystal Gazing: A Complete Course of Instruction for the Beginner.
Psychic Science Publishing Co., Columbus, Ohio, 1928. 28 pages [18 pages of text plus 10 pages of ads], illustrated wraps; several variant covers exist; this book was continually in print from 1928 - 1972, when Robert Nelson died and publication ceased.)

Old, Walter Richard a.k.a Walter Gornold a.k.a. Walter Gorn Old. (as "Sephariel"). How to Read the Crystal or, Crystal and Seer, With a Concise Dictionary of Astrological Terms.
Foulsham & Co., Ltd, London, 1922.

  • Chapter I. A Postulate
  • Chapter II. Qualifications
  • Chapter III. Preliminaries
  • Chapter IV. The Vision
  • Chapter V. Difficulties
  • Chapter VI. Symbols
  • Chapter VII. Some Experiences
  • Chapter VIII. Directions for Using the Ovoids and Spheres for Crystal or Mirror Vision
  • Chapter IX. Consise Dictionary of Astrological Terms
  • Walter Richard Old a.k.a Walter Gornold a.k.a. Walter Gorn Old (1864 - 1929)

    Seward, Professor A[lfred] F[francis]. The Art of Crystal Gazing or Secrets of the Crystal Revealed.
    A.F. Seward & Co., Publishers, Chicago, 1920, paperback, illustrated wraps, 104 pages (28 pages on crystal gazing dated March 12, 1920; 12 pages on astrology, numbered through page 39 but faced with blank page 40 -- this section on different paper stock; 64 pages of book catalogue of A.F. Seward & Co., Publishers and Dealers in Astrological and Occult Books -- on a third type of paper stock -- featuring ads for the works of W. W. Atkinson (including his pseudonomous writings as Swami Panchadasi and Theron Q. Dumont), the Zancigs, Professor Seward, and others, and also an ad for crystal balls)

    Incidentally, almost an entire paragraph of instructional material from page 11 of this book is read aloud (without credit) by Warren William in the 1933 film "The Mind Reader."

    Thomas, Northcote W[hitridge], M.A. Crystal Gazing, Its History and Practice: with a Discussion of the Evidence for Telepathic Scrying, with an Introduction By Andrew Lang, M.A., LL.D..
    Alexander Moring (The De La More Press), London, 1905, Hardcover.
    Dodge Publishing Company, New York, 1905, Hardcover.
    Reprinted by Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, CA., 1968, spiral binding)
    Illustrated, 210 pages (unnumbered pages, plus i-xlviii introduction, and 1-162 text)

    Thomas, Northcote Whitridge (1868-). Lang, Andrew (1844-1912)

    Thorpe, C. Practical Crystal-Gazing.
    London, 1916.

    Verner, A. Clairvoyance and Crystal-Gazing.
    Bolton, 1903.

    Zancig, Julius, The World's Greatest Mind-Reader. Crystal Gazing, the Unseen World: a Treatise on Concentration.
    Famous Products Co., 2451 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago 16, Ill., 1925, 48 pages, illustrated paper wraps

    Zancig, Julius, The World's Greatest Mind-Reader. Crystal Gazing, the Unseen World: a Treatise on Concentration.
    I. & M. Ottenheimer, Baltimore, Maryland, 1926, 48 pages, illustrated paper wraps

    (Except for publishers name, date, slight variation in trim size of height, and ads on covers 2, 3, and 4 of the Ottenheimer edition -- blank on the Famous Products edition -- the two editions are identical. In an interview published around this time for the magic trade, Julius Zancig claimed not to have written this book but to have been paid to put his name to it. He had retired from the stage and was living with his second wife Ada in Philadelphia at the time, running the Zancig Zodiac Shop where they sold horoscopes, read tea leaves, and gave private readings.)