The Yronwode Institution for
the Preservation and Popularization
of Indigenous Ethnomagicology


Our aims:
  • The identification, acquisition, preservation, and interpretive display of objects and documents specifically identified as originating within, or being part of, indigenous magical activities.
  • The study, understanding, and popularization of ethnically diverse indigenous magical activities, the people who engage in them, and the tools they employ in their magic endeavours.


Research Resources

Books about the methods and practices of divinatory Crystal Gazing and Scrying that were published prior to 1950, compiled by catherine yronwode for the edification of students of the Mystic Arts, arranged by Author's name.

Books about Dowsing, Water-Witching, Pendulums, Doodlebugging, and Divining Rods, compiled by catherine yronwode for the help of students of Practical Divination, arranged by Author's name.

Books about Numerology, Number Divination, Gematria, Isopsephia, the Lo Shu Square and Number Magic, compiled by catherine yronwode for the use of students of Practical Occultism, and arranged by Author's name.

A bibliography on talking boards, spirit boards, and ouija boards by nagasiva b.w yronwode; materials contained herein are focussed on their history and use in divination, arranged chronologically by publication date.

A bibliography of source material on African American folk magic, hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure, compiled by catherine yronwode; for the use of students of Practical Folk Lore and Spirituality, and arranged by Author's name.

A bibliography by catherine yronwode of books and pamphlets originating in the New Thought Movement of the 19th and 20th centuries, including self-help, positive thinking, philosophical, metaphysical, and denominational texts.

An anthology of verses from the Holy Qur'an, with the prescriptive values given to them by those practicing folkloric forms of Muslim prayer and healing. This work is an Islamic counterpart to the Jewish "Secrets of the Psalms."


Books on Worldwide Folk Magic

North-Asian-Magic-by-David-Borji-Shi-at-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company-in-Forestville-California North Asian Magic
Spellcraft from Manchuria, Mongolia, and Siberia

by David Borji Shi

From the ancient Mongol empire to the Manchurian Qing Dynasty, the people of North Asia have shaped the history of the world. With an extraordinary range of beliefs and practices, both indigenous and influenced by their geographic neighbours, the Animist, Shamanic, and Buddhist folk magicians of Mongolia, Manchuria, and Eastern Siberia preserve a vital religio-magical practice by which people seek and obtain blessings, protection, luck, love, and health. This book will open your eyes to diverse cultural customs and spell-casting methods that you may never have known existed.

Author David Borji Shi, an American of Manchurian heritage, brings us authentic spells and methodologies from this remote corner of the world, and teaches us how to use the tools and techniques of North Asian magic. David Borji Shi is an animist and spiritual worker who was raised in a household that incorporated both Southeast Siberian and North Chinese practices. As a scholar of global folk magic, David is a practitioner of hoodoo and conjure as well as the customs of his ancestors and greater Eurasia. He currently resides in New York City.

Product Details:
     Format: 96 pages, trade paperback, illustrated
     Publisher: Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology (YIPPIE)
     Publication date: May 14, 2016
     ISBN: 978-0-9903136-2-5
     Tagged: Spells
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Trolldom-Norse-Folk-Magic-by-Gardback-at-Lucky-Mojo-Curio-Company Trolldom
Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition

by Johannes Bjorn Gardback

Trolldom, the folk magic of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, has been practiced for more than 500 years. Now, after extensive research, Johannes Bjorn Gardback presents the fascinating occult art of Norse trolldom to an English-speaking audience. This detailed account of traditional Scandinavian folk magic offers in-depth historical background, divination methods, and descriptions of practical spell-craft, and includes hundreds of collected Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish trolldom workings for love, money, protection, healing, and cursing.

Author Johannes Bjorn Gardback is an internationally respected healer, teacher, and spiritual worker of Swedish folk-magic. A practitioner of hoodoo and conjure, he is also a founding member of AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. He brings solid, firsthand knowledge of Norse, Scandinavian, and African-American folklore to his practice. He currently lives in Goeteborg, Sweden.

Product Details:
     Format: 288 pages, trade paperback, illustrated
     Publisher: Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology (YIPPIE)
     Publication date: May 15, 2015
     ISBN: 978-0-9903136-1-8
     Tagged: Spells
     See also: Table of Contents


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